India won’t tolerate lecture on Human Right and Democracy, India pushes back

India decided that US pressure will not be taken on human rights issues anymore. Recently United States secretary Anthony Blinken visited India. Anthony Blinken Representative says “US will raise human rights and democracy issues in meetings”.

Therefore it is so weird any countries representative showing this kind of forceful resilience over any country.

The strong statement have provided by Indian government regarding these issues. Says “US don’t lecture us”. According to report. Acting Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Dean Thompson told to Reporter, ” And with respect to the human rights and democracy question”.

Yes, you are right I will tell you, that we will rise it, we will continue that conversation. Because we firmly believe that we have more values in common on those fronts than we don’t”.

Recently India’s ranking in human rights and democracy has been dropped, That Rises the questions all around the world. India’s ranking 111 out of 162 countries on personal freedom Index which was issued on December 2020.

After that another report has been published by the freedom house stated that India is not a democratic country anymore. they are electoral autocracy.

Meanwhile, In every index India’s ranking has been dropped everywhere with another issues comes into the light which is Pegasus project spying.

US representative said that India and Pakistan should resolve their issues bilaterally. We cannot interfere with their own issues.

These is completely opposite strategy of Biden’s government than Trump’ government.

China will follow Blinken visit very closely. China’s Global Times are instigating issues more. India growing increasing dissatisfied with the US on the covid-19 vaccine as a United State has been hoardings doses while Indian suffer from vaccines in shortage.

Anthony Blinken visit will be failed but India pushed back after the USA secretary Antony Blinken will rise the issue of Human Rights during his two day trip.

Indian stance over these issue is very strong government said officially it is proud of its achievement both in human right and in democracy.

India will rise issue such as implication of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan the need for sustain pressure on Pakistan to stop terror financing and the resumption of international air travel.

Further, India is likely to seek open and consistent supply chain for material required for the production of covid-19 vaccine.

Discussion will be held on engagement will be the key focus area of talk with the possibilities of foreign minister quad meeting this year will also take forward to court vaccine initiative to enable the supply of vaccine production in India from 2021 to indo -pacific country.

In my opinion American media and other foreign media always try to separate India over democracy issue without knowing the actual fact running in the county.

Still US is oldest democratic country, India should listen them it will be questionnaire.


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