Joe Biden doesn’t want to give veto power to India in UNSC

Joe biden doesn’t want to give veto power to India in UNSC

India has been one the biggest democratic in the world since the independence. But never the permanent member of UNSC due to bad decision making of Nehru Regime. UNSC forgets their duty when to criticize Terrorism and human right protection issues.
Pandit Nehru was never understood the importance of the UNSC membership, and that the reason of the all issues to India have to face at union council whenever India demand  crucial agreement to sign.
In UNSC, China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States is the permanent member of UN security council. Countries like, Japan, India, Australia want to become the permanent member of Union Council.
Recently, Joe Biden stated that giving veto power to countries that create disability to permanent member of UNSC. Doesn’t want to split their power into others.
There are many countries on the queue to become permanent member of UNSC, because it certainly affect the many advantages and benefits to the critical defence deals.
USSR used the veto power highest time on every single issues. They used more that 180 times. Bangladesh is the reason to come into the world because of the interference through veto. China and France used veto power minimum time.
Therefore, India has been always the most deserving candidate to become member of UNSC. India empower the 2nd biggest army in the world and hold 17 percent of world population.
None other country is more able and capable than India. India is composition of great history and have been ruled by many different emperor in ancient times.
UNSC members selfishness creating difficulties to India becoming the economically viable nation. China is against India in security council regarding these issue and will always be due to their fear to India.
USA government create hard moment to India and their stance have always been harsh since the joe biden comes into the power.
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