NTPC and Tecnimont team up to investigate green methanol production.

NTPC and Tecnimont endeavour to jointly evaluate and investigate the feasibility of developing a commercial-scale green methanol production facility at India’s NTPC project.

NTPC and Tecnimont team
India’s largest power producer NTPC Ltd and Tecnimont team up (credit- twittter)

The largest power producer in India, NTPC Ltd, and the Indian subsidiary of Maire Tecnimont Group, Tecnimont Pvt Ltd, signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Monday to jointly assess and investigate the possibility of constructing a commercial-scale green methanol production facility at the NTPC project in India.

According to a statement from the firm, the two organisations plan to use this step to analyse and collectively investigate the potential for building a commercial-scale green methanol manufacturing facility at the NTPC project in India. The project’s scope also involves absorbing carbon from NTPC power plants and turning it into green fuel.

The chemical industry uses green methanol as a building block, it can store renewable energy, and it can even be used as a fuel for vehicles. For applications requiring fuel for ships, it is also regarded as a suitable replacement.

‘Chandan Kumar Mondal, director (commercial), NTPC, this project, together with the company’s currently under construction pilot scale Green Methanol project, is in line with NTPC’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy and would greatly benefit the nation’s energy transformation.

The largest power-producing firm in the nation, NTPC, which is part of the ministry of power, provides one-fourth of all the electricity used in the nation. NTPC currently has 2,332 MW of installed renewable energy capacity. The total installed capacity of the NTPC Group (including joint ventures and subsidiaries), including fossil fuel-based capacity, is 70,254 MW. Reported on livemint

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