Saturn’s moon indicates life expectations, Latest report suggest.

Saturn’s moon indicates life expectations

There are always something so special and mysterious about universe and thier planet, They attract their attention all time with some magical hope about life presence.

Recently these happened with saturn moon Enceladus, According to Nature astronomy concluded that there may be unknown methane producing processes on Enceladus that await discovery, it indicates the extraterrestrial life no researcher could be denied it.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has invented an unusually high concentration of methane, along with carbon dioxide and dihydrogen Enceladus by flying through their plumes, Titan has methane in its atmosphere.

Cassini spacecraft detected event of liquid ocean with erupting plumes of gases and water, It indicates that there may be positive vibes come into the subject that possibility of life is not far away from on Enceladus.


  1. Enceladus is a sixth largest moon moon, Enceladus is a small and icy moon which has an combination of hydrogen molecules in water plumes.
  2. Enceladus contains 98% of the gas in the plumnes was found to be water and 1% is hydrogen and the remaining

There are active hydrothermal activities runs under the core, Because of Hydrothermal activities produce the reductants and it release the chemical energy which gives us presence of microbes and methanogens, it eventually produce oxygen which is essential for life.

We all know earth also contain methane by its biological origin, Means it produce itself. Another microorganism called methanogens having ability to generate methane as a metabolic byproduct. 

So meanwhile, one question is methanogens could also be presence on Enceladus? Yes it is possibilities, Methanogens do not require oxygen to live, Cassini date indicates that hydrothermal vents could be earth like microorganisms. Enceladus produce methanogens biologically or just by chemical reaction, it is subject to be researched.

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