United State wanted Pakistan’s nuclear weapons to counter India

United State policy toward USSR has been always so diplomatic caused India suffer. India had a support of USSR. US kept in their agenda against India by allowing Pakistan to develop Nuclear Weapons to counter India.

United State Double Side

Recently United State parliamentarians wrote letter to Joe Biden stated “Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons should not go to the Taliban hands”. It will be threat for our security.

It’s so weird to know that once USA secretly helped Pakistan to develop Nuclear Weapons in their backyard. USA knew very well that Pakistan developing nuclear weapons in 1977 very rapidly. But US never undermined them on that period.
United State policy toward USSR has been always so diplomatic caused India suffer. India had a support of USSR. US kept in their agenda against India by allowing Pakistan to develop Nuclear Weapons to counter India. These was win win situation for US on that time, because US never wanted India to be a superior.
Jimmy Carter’s Administration also did not want to push Pakistan too hard because it looked as a counterweight to Soviet-Partner India. Documents shows, Pakistan moving rapidly and secretly toward construction of facilities. Which will give it nuclear explosive capabilities perhaps within 2 to 4 years, wrote Harold Suanders. 
United States government was aware of Pakistan nuclear power programme early in 1979. According to newly classified American government documents.
The current scenario of US – India Relations looks strong and strategic. But ignoring Pakistan nuclear program puts bad impact on US. How? US had an clue about Pakistan enriching uranium in 1979 on larger scale by using gas centrifuge technology.
Uranium is a chemical elements, it excavates by hard mining. Then, raw uranium send into the process of gas centrifuge technology as call a enriching programme. Process Uranium used to produced energy and nuclear power weapons. 
Pakistan had started programme in way before January 1979. US could have stopped Pakistan because of agreement of Project-706.
Project-706 was codename of project to develop Pakistan first atomic bomb using uranium. At the same time Pakistani nuclear technology scientists and engineers got expertise in the use of rector-grade plutonium. They successfully produced rector grade plutonium by early 1980’s.
The secrets enhancement in nuclear programme by Pakistan with the help of China. Pakistan declared nuclear powered weapon country after the India’s Pokhran test -II in 1998.  
Project -706 was going to happen way back in 1960s, Pakistan constantly hinted it. In 1974, when India tested of smiling Buddha at the same period of time Pakistani PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto said, “We will eat grass” if necessary to develop nuclear weapons. 
Meanwhile, Pakistani Administration ask for financing that Project-706 for development of nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia and Libya came to help by funding $450 US millions which approved by Bhuttoo in 1972.
Why Libya help Pakistan?
Libyan’s Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi was the big supporter of project-706. Gaddafi’s popular speech at cricket ground in 1994 “Pakistan have all right to develop their own nuclear weapons”.
After that speech, Pakistan changed stadium name to Gaddafi stadium
Time Magazine has called Project-706 Pakistani’s equivalent of the United States Manhattan project.
US could have imposed sanction on Project-706. But US wanted to counter India by their side as a result to allowing programme rather than stopping.
Therefore, Pakistan declared itself to be nuclear state only in 1998 shortly after conducting Pokhran test. India surpassing the tension after the announcement, it was challenged for India as well as US. Because Pakistan scientist started to sharing nuclear programme development secrets to others countries like North Korea, Iran.(Already under FATF Blacklist).
If United States would have stopped the Project-706 or put imposed on Libya for funding leads threat to stop for all. 
Nuclear Scientist Abdul Qadir Khan accuses to sell secret of nuclear weapons in 2003. In January 2004 Probe leads to removal of A.Q Khan as adviser to prime minister. 
In February 2004, Senior military official confirmed to supply design, material, hardware used to make uranium enrichment of atomic bomb to Iran, Libya, North Korea.
These leads tension between entire western country. Meanwhile, Time magazine comes with front cover ” THE MERCHANT OF MENACE” How A.Q. Khan became world most dangerous nuclear traffickers. 
Now, North Korea have developed nuclear weapons, Iran is also willing to develop within short period of time. These issue can create World War-III. 
Again repeating, could have been stopped if Jimmy Carter takes proper action on time. Jimmy Carters belonged to Democrats party and considered most weakest president of US history due to his ignorance on issues and unsettled stands. Now peoples compare Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter because of incapability on decision. US media also putting headlines that “Joe Biden’s potential Jimmy Carter moment”. Parliamentarians warned Joe Biden to not hand over the Pakistan’s nuclear weapons to rising Taliban.


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