1. Software Developer: Through the creation of software, people can express their creativity in the field of software design. It is in great demand.

2. Data Science: Due to improvement of operation & service, Data play an vital role. Hence, various companies paying high salary to skilled data scientist.

3. Blockchain: Following the Bitcoin revolution in 2010, blockchain technology saw significant growth. It is a career that is in high demand today.

4. Business Analytics: The study of data that is used to inform important business choices makes business analytics one of the science courses with the highest salaries after 12th.

5. Spacetech: The curiosity in space is also expanding. The students pursuing studies in space technology are rising, making it one of the finest options for career after 12th.

6. Geologist: Consider becoming a geologist if you have an interest in the subject. One of the top paying job after 12th science is geology.

7. Forensic Pathologist: Doctors that specialise in uncovering the mysteries of dead bodies are called forensic pathologists. Pay scale range between INR 25 to 30 lakhs per year.

8. Technical Writer: Technical writing has increased as a result of content becoming king in consumers' minds. between Rs. 10 and 15 lakhs per year in terms of pay scale

9. Astrophysicist: Science that examines the numerous facets of space is called astrophysics. Astro Researchers are often paid between Rs.15 to Rs. 50 LPA in India.